How to Grow the Celebrity Tomatoes You Crave in a Container


How would you like to grow large, juicy, and delicious celebrity tomatoes in your garden? What if I told you that you could grow these tomatoes without even owing a yard? That’s right - by using a container garden. But there are a handful of things you’ll need to remember to ensure you have a great harvest of tomatoes…

Celebrity tomatoes are determinate

This means that they’re the short, bushy type. Quite a good choice for containers, actually. For starters, you needn’t worry about staking your tomato plants. But it also means that you’ll need a little more space for your tomato plants. Read on though, because with proper pruning, you won’t even notice this extra space requirement.

Choosing the correct container size

Firstly, let’s talk about how to choose the correct container size for your celebrity tomatoes. Keep in mind that these tomatoes can grow to quite a large size, so I suggest that you either use a large growing pot, or grow just a single tomato plant per container. Either way, the major consideration here is to give your tomato plants sufficient growing space.

Fertilizer for your celebrity tomatoes

In order to grow large celebrity tomatoes, add a modest amount of nutrients to your plants diet. This can be in the form of some extra organic compost, or even a liquid based fertilizer. A liquid based fertilizer is easier to use, seeing that you can determine the required dosage from the instructions on the label. Organic compost does have the ‘all natural’ actor though, and that may play a role in your decision making. Either way, use a good fertilizer! It’s pointless having your celebrity tomatoes growing large but being completely bitter.

Sunshine can help a great deal with ripening tomatoes

Ensure that your tomatoes receive adequate sunshine. If you’re growing your celebrity tomatoes in a container garden; try to place the container in a spot that receives a good sunshine for most of the day. On this note, you can allow your tomatoes to ripen on the tomato bush for a while, abut then pluck them and allow them to ripen in the sunshine.

 Pruning the suckers

Since celebrity tomatoes are naturally quite bushy, you need to prune your plants sufficiently to ensure that they take up less space, and to increase the amount of nutrients available to the rest of the plant. Prune off extra stems and leaves that simply take up space and waste nutrients. This way, your tomato bush will more compact, and the fruit it produces will grow larger and to better health.

Celebrity tomatoes can grow to quite a large size, and they can be grown in large containers if you don’t have a full sized backyard garden. Just ensure that you give each tomato plant enough space to grow well, and that you add a good helping of nutrients to their diets.

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