Why Are My Tomato Plants Wilting Every Day?


Have you ever found that the very next day after watering your tomatoes they wilt? So, what causes tomato plants to wilt every day? If, after you water your tomato garden, your plants are fine, but the next day they start to wilt, then this post may be for you. In this post, I will look at some of the causes of tomato plants wilting a day after watering.

Very hot weather may cause tomato plants to wilt

If you live in an extremely hot climate, or have just had a few weeks of higher than average temperature, then your tomatoes may lack the constant water that they need to remain firm and upright. If you find that the plants perk up by the following day, then this is the most probable cause. A simple way to overcome this problem is mulching. You can either make your own mulch, or purchase a readymade one. If you are making your own, then try shredding up some newspaper, or even better, some hay. Just apply a thick layer of mulch at the base of your tomato plants. This not only traps moisture in the soil for longer, it also aids in preventing tomato diseases from spreading.

Not watering deeply enough

This is the most common cause for tomato plants wilting every day. If you are watering your tomatoes too shallow, then the plants will develop root hairs close to the surface. This will increase water loss, as temperatures are higher near the surface. It is vital that you water your tomatoes to about an inch deep. A simply way to measure this, is to place a dry plastic ruler into the soil and then water a bit at a time. Constantly pull the ruler from the soil, and see how much of it is wet.

Watering your tomato plants too deeply

Over-watering your tomato garden may also cause the problem of wilting plants. You see, the root hairs will be damaged if you over water the tomatoes, and this will reduce the amount of water the plant takes in. this problem will naturally sort itself out after a while, as it takes time for new root hairs to grow back. In the future, just be careful to not water your tomatoes too often.

There are other reasons which may cause your tomato plants to wilt every day, but the ones I have mentioned are some of the most common. Now that you have more information, I hope that your tomato garden will flourish with great tomatoes.


  1. i like this blog because i love tomatoes and needs them in my field thanks for sharing this information its very useful..

  2. I have one small correction. Hay should not be used as a mulch. it is full of seeds that will sprout and take nutrients from your garden plants. I feel you probably meant to say straw instead. Straw is a good mulch. The two are often mistakenly used interchangeably.


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