Tomato Fertilizers-5 Organic Wastes that you can use


If you are new to growing tomatoes, and would like to grow you tomato plants organically, this article will definitely benefit you. A lot of inexperienced tomato gardener rush out their nearest gardening store to purchase ready-made organic tomato growing soil, but there are a number of other options that you have. Use these 5 organic wastes as tomato fertilizers.

Seaweed fertilizer
This is one of the most common organic fertilizers used in growing tomatoes. Seaweed fertilizers are usually sold as a liquid which you use when you are watering your tomato plants. There are a number of brands to choose from, and most of them work equally well. Depending on the concentration of the product, you may have to use the liquid anywhere from twice to four times a week.

Fish emulsion
This is also a popular type of organic waste to feed your tomatoes with. Fish emulsions can sometimes be bought from a store, but the easiest place to get them is from your fish tank (or your neighbors). This type of fertilizer is rich in nitrogen and will give you huge tomatoes that are super juicy.

Compost tea
This option requires that you put in a little effort, and it takes a few days to make. You need to collect a variety of different organic wastes (like veggie peels) and place them in a composting bin. When the matter starts to decompose, you add it to a large container of water. Stir the mixture thoroughly, and leave the container closed overnight. Do this for about three days, and you will have a nutrient packed organic fertilizer to feed your tomatoes with. Just be sure to use normal water as well, or the soil will become too nutrient rich.

Animal manure
Most gardening stores sell compost that is made primarily from animal manure. I recommend that you purchase it from a store, as opposed to trying to make you own, as it could pose a danger to your health. It is inexpensive to buy animal manure compost, and it will help fill your tomato garden with juicy tomatoes.

So, there you have it. These types of organic tomato fertilizers mentioned will give you some really awesome results. All of them are great for feeding your tomatoes with, and since they are all organic, you can choose any one of them.


  1. who doesnt love fresh and juicy tomatoes, I know I do. great insight for the best way to grow them, will be helpful to many farmers, and people interested in growing their own veges.

  2. I was thinking to plant for tomatoes. Now after going through this post, it quite interesting yet helpful. I am sure that i can plant tomatoes with organic waste now.


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