Growing Tomatoes Indoors-3 tips for a Bumper Harvest


Growing tomatoes indoors are super fun! They are easy to grow, don’t require too much attention and they are relatively maintenance free. There are however, some common things that you need to be area of when you are growing tomato plants. In this article, I will give to you 3 tips that will assist in ensuring that your tomato plants are healthy, and the tomatoes are full and plump!

Choose a crack resistant variety of tomato plants- They grow better indoors
Most gardening stores sell a wide variety of tomato seeds. When you are growing tomatoes indoors, you should ask you dealer which type will produce be the most resistant and hardy plants. Remember that although you can control most of the conditions indoors, a hardy tomato plant will have a better chance of producing that bumper crop.

Buy seed starting soil mix - Has balanced nutrients and ph
A simple tip for both beginner and more experienced tomato gardeners alike is to start off your indoor tomato garden with buying starting soil. This is basically a well mixed soil, which has the correct balance of soil nutrients and a favorable soil ph. This will ensure that your young tomato plants are healthy sand grow well. Starting soil for tomato gardening is inexpensive, and it will go a long way in giving you a great batch of tomato plants (which mean tastier fruit).

Plant tomato seeds in small trays first, and then move to indoor pot (germination)
If you are going to be growing you indoor tomato garden from seed, then you need to first germinate the seeds before you transfer them to the actual growing container. There has been a lot written about germinating tomato seeds, but I will simply the process a little here. Ensure that you use a high nutrient content soil (preferably organic) to plant the seeds in. plant your seeds shallow, about half a finger deep. Water the seeds thoroughly the first time and then leave the seed tray in a warm, dry area. Once the seedlings are about 5 cm tall (above ground) you can move them to their growing container and begin your indoor tomato garden.

There you have it folks. Three quick tomato growing tips that will help ensure that your indoor tomato garden is healthy and full of delicious fruit. Hardy tomato varieties have a better chance of survival. Using a high quality starting soil mix will ensure healthy tomato plants. Germinating seeds before planting is a must if you want a bumper harvest.


  1. I love gardening and has been looking for a way to grow indoor tomatoes and other vegetables. I appreciate that you have shared the steps with us.

  2. I always love have fresh vegetables but found it difficult to grow tomatoes at home thanks for sharing this article it will help me.


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