Growing Tomatoes in Hay Bales is Cost Effective


Are you looking for an inexpensive way to grow great tomatoes? Well then, growing tomatoes in hay bales might just be perfect for you. In this article I will tell you about some of the many reasons that make growing tomatoes in hay bales cost effective. Other than its cheapness, growing tomatoes in hay bales have a unique set of advantages. The purpose of this article however, will be about the cost effectivness growing tomatoes.

When you are planning on growing tomatoes in hay bales, there isn’t much that you need in terms of materials. Well, you do of course need hay! You see, unlike many of the other, more traditional tomato gardening methods available, when you are planting your tomato plants in hay bales, you will be faced with a very different set of requirements.

The first and foremost item that you will need is a good quality bale of hay. Now, it’s not very easy to get this if you don’t know where to look, but let me just give you the most common place to get your hay bales from. Stores which sell animal feed! Hay bales are traditionally for feeding horses etc. so this store will be your most reliable source.

When you are going out to purchase you hay, you need to be aware that normal hay for feed can be costly. The trick here however, is to make your intentions know to the store owner. Tell them that you will be using your bale of hay for tomato gardening. They may have a few bales which were not bundled as neatly or are not as fresh, which they can sell to you at a much reduced price.

Since we are going to be growing tomatoes, which we will later eat, in the hay, our bale needs to be free from any chemicals. This is usually not a problem if the hay is being sold for animal feed, as more often than not means that the hay was grown organically. If however, you get your hay from another source, then be sure to check that pesticides and other harmful toxins were not sprayed on the grass.

Unlike normal tomato gardening, when you are growing tomatoes in hay bales, you won’t require soil and fertilizers. In fact, all you need is your hay, organic tomato seeds, and some stakes for staking your tomato plants.

There you have it folks, you now know how to go about growing tomato plants in hay bales in a cost effective manner. Just remember to tell the store owner why you want the hay, and you should get it a cheaper price.

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