Growing Tomatoes In a Tire-Its Fun, Easy and Interesting


If you live in a climate that is warm but dry, and often experiences frost-growing tomatoes in a tire is for you! This is a simple method of gardening that allows you to grow large, round, juicy and tasty tomatoes without having to spend a lot of money or time. Also, it works well when conditions are not so favorable to tomato plants like wind and heavy rain. You will soon be able to overcome these problems however by growing tomatoes in a tire.

It’s really simple to start growing tomatoes in a tire and its very inexpensive. I will go through the steps that you need to follow when you are using this style of tomato gardening. If you want to grow great tomatoes all the time, then this technique will suite you quite nicely.

First let me explain exactly what I mean when I talk about growing tomatoes in a tire. It basically requires you to place old tires around some organic, nutrient rich compost and then planting your tomato plants in the compost. The tire surrounding the plants acts as a barrier to the elements.

To start growing tomatoes in a tire, you need to gather up a few old and large tires (which you can get for free if you politely ask the guy at your local service station). Depending on how many tomato plants you are growing, you will need two tires for each plant. The larger the tire, the better for your tomatoes, and it also enables you to grow up to three tomato plants per tire.

The process of growing tomatoes in a tire is really a simple one. First, you need to add some compost to a small area (just a little larger than the circumference of the tire) of ground and mix it in thoroughly. Then you need to place the tire onto the ground and slightly push it into the ground so that it stays firmly in place.

You will now need to plant your tomato seeds in the compost. The depth of planting will be the same as regular tomato gardening so I will not go into detail here. If you chose a tire that is fairly large, then you will be able to comfortably plant about three tomato plants.

After you have sown the seeds in to the ground, you will need to fill some water into the sides of the tire. On almost all tires, there is a sight “trough” around the inner part of the tire. You need to fill this part up to the brim with water, but don’t let it overflow as it will make the soil soggy.

Now, you will need to cover the top of the tire with a plastic bag/ sheet. I suggest that you use clear plastic so as not to interfere with the tomato plants ability to absorb the radiant energy from the sun and produce large sweet tomatoes. You just need to pull the plastic sheet over the top of the tire and then you can pin the overlapping sides into the ground. You have to make sure that no moisture can enter the tire so and no heat can escape.

The plastic over the tire creates a warm moist environment for the tomatoes to thrive in. during the day; the tire will absorb the heat energy off the sun therefore warming up the air in the tire. The water will also warm up. At night, the warm water will cool slower than the surrounding air (this is because water is transparent and stationary unlike land which is opaque which only allows the top layer to be warmed) and will therefore keep the tomato plants warmer for longer.

Once your tomato plants start growing and blossoming, its time to remove the plastic so that the plant can get fresh air and produce healthy tomatoes. You can still leave the tires around the tomato plants if you want, as they will continue to protect the tomatoes form the elements and possible damage.

There now, its not that difficult to start growing tomatoes in a tire is it? If you follow my advice, you will surely be able to grow great tomatoes all of the time and enjoy having a tasty and nutritious snack available at any time that you or your family desires, or I Could Follow Your Advice, Do You Have any Ideas/ Tips to Share. What’s you experience with growing tomatoes in a tire?


  1. Hey guys, where are all you tomatoes? Should i add more compost? Water maybe? Come'on, give me your thoughts...

  2. IN tires how much water should they need?

  3. In tires? my only concern is that would they be healthy enough to eat. obviously they will have some impact from the material of tires.. i believe you must consult any expert before doing such things again they are dangerous.


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