Growing Tomatoes Indoors-The Good, The Bad, and The Tasty

There are many pros and cons of growing tomatoes indoors and in this article I will provide you with some of the main things that you need to consider. I personally enjoy the idea of growing them inside as you can watch them grow and its quite interesting to watch how they ripen, slowly but surely.

Firstly, whether you grow tomatoes indoors or outside, they are great plants, fairly easy to grow and provide you with some DELICIOUS fruit. However, since this article is about growing tomatoes indoors I will not go into detail about other gardening styles here.

The advantages and disadvantages that I have listed are just the basics things that you need to consider when you are growing tomatoes indoors.

1) Advantages of growing tomatoes indoors:
- It is easier to maintain, as you will be working with a smaller area. This means that there is less hard work involved and you will not need as much time to tend to you tomato plants.
- You can decide whether or not you enjoy it. Growing tomatoes indoors means that you can try it out for the first time just to see if you like it or not (although I am pretty sure that you will!). If you don’t enjoy it, then you would not have wasted a lot of money, time and effort into it.
- Requires minimal space. A major reason that many people are growing tomatoes indoors is because it doesn't require too much of space. In fact, you can grow quite a great tomato garden from your own kitchen!

2) Disadvantages of growing tomatoes indoors:
- Space is limited. Unless you have a huge kitchen, growing tomatoes indoors will mean that you are only able to grow one or maybe two trees. This is not necessarily a problem though, as one healthy plant will produce many tomatoes.
- You need the right conditions in your home (sunlight). You will have to place your tomatoes planting pots in a place where they will receive adequate sunshine and warmth. The best place may just be on your windowsill.
- Not much exercise. A lot of people engage in gardening as a form of exercise and relaxation. When growing tomatoes indoors however, you are not going to be doing much hard work and will be inside, defeating the relaxation purpose.

More often than not, most people start of growing tomatoes inside as its much easier to do and allows one to gain experience. As you get better at tomato gardening, you can confidently take on the challenges that come with regular outdoor tomato gardening, challenges that are both fun and interesting.

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