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Hey Dudes and Dudetts (males and females…)! I’m The Tomato Dude, and do I love tomato gardening! I really enjoy getting out there in the garden and playing with sod, Don’t you? What’s more fun than rolling around in a mass of compost, or jumping face first into the compost bin!

I created http://planting-tomato-plants.blogspot.com (this blog) as a place to share my tips and experience with other tomato gardeners in the hopes that I will teach and learn at the same time. Writing about tomato gardening is a fun pastime to me and I would love to share my knowledge with all you Tomatoes (please don’t get offended, okay I’m sorry!), so get ready to be informed!

My aim for this blog is to turn it into a tomato gardening community in which we can all share our experiences, knowledge, questions, answers, tips, successes and even failures! I would love it if YOU joined OUR community! Please feel free to jump right in, the compost heap is in the back yard :)

I suggest that you follow me on Twitter, subscribe to my RSS feed and become a regular commenter on Our blog. Share your ideas and the rest of us would be glad!

I hope that this blog helps you to grow better tomatoes as that’s my goal, for YOU and ME both to grow great tomatoes every time. I believe that we can do it! How about you?

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