Planting Tomato Plants-3 Tips to Help you Grow Better Tomatoes

In this article, I will give you some information on how to start planting tomato plants. I will go through the soil requirements, and provide some tips/ advice on planting tomato plants that are healthy. Tomatoes have been a long time favorite to many gardeners, and many of them have actually started gardening by planting tomato plants.

The points listed below is just some basic information that you should consider before you start planting tomato plants.

1) Indoors or outside:
You have two choices before you start planting tomato plants and those are to have your garden either outdoors or inside.

If you choose to plant outside, then you will have to put in more work, as there will be a larger area to cover. You will however, be able to grow a variety of different types of tomatoes. This is a good idea, as you will have a wide variety of choices on which tomatoes to use on any particular day.

Planting tomato plants indoors will limit you on space, but there is much less work involved and you can control the conditions in which your tomatoes are growing. This means that a bad spell of weather won't be able to wipe out all of your hard work.

2) Planting tomato plants Organically- or not:
You can either use organic compost and soil or you can use regular soil when planting tomato plants. Regular soil may be cheaper, but there you may be growing your tomatoes with harmful chemicals. These chemicals may harm the ground in which they are used, and how safe do you think they are for the tomatoes that YOU are going to eat? I certainly don’t like taking those kinds of chances!

If you are going to buying organic compost, then you will need to spend quite a bit of money. There is another option however, and that is to make you own organic fertilizer for tomatoes. If you are planting your tomato plants in this soil, you are pretty much certain to get tomatoes that are healthy and full of nutritious goodness.

3) Best season:
If you are planting your tomato plants outside, then you will need to take this factor into major consideration. If your growing tomatoes indoors, then this won’t be as much of a problem. Probably the best time to start planting tomato plants is mid spring. The temperatures are starting to warm at this of year and the tomatoes should start growing by and ripening towards the end of summer. Although many people will argue on the best time to start growing tomatoes, I would say that mid-spring is a fairly safe option.

Planting tomato plants are great fun and they provide us with some tasty fruits. It is however essential to research the specific type of tomato that you want to grow and the best time to grow them in your area. I hope that the information in this article will help you when you are ready to start planting tomato plants. But first, share you experience with growing tomatoes in the comments sections, I’m interested to hear your opinions.

Watering Tomato Plants-A Few Things You Need to Know

How often you should be watering your tomato plants has been a topic that is constantly being debated. In this article, I will provide you with the method that I use when watering tomato plants. I have had success with this method more often than not, so I hope that it will be able to help you too.

There are two main things to consider when deciding on when you should be watering your tomato plants and I have discussed them below.

1) Temperature:
This factor goes hand in hand with the season. During summer, you will need to be watering your tomato plant around every two days. This is because the sun will dry up the soil fairly quickly and your tomatoes will start to wither and wont produce healthy fruit. This rule is not set in stone however, and there are times when you will need to water your plants twice a day and times when you don’t have to water for a week.

Natural rainfall is a great example of this. Its nature's way of watering tomato plants, and if there is enough rain then you wont have to manually water your garden. Also, its a better idea if you water your tomatoes early in the morning during mid summer and maybe around mid-day during the cooler months. The reason for watering your tomato plants early is so that they can absorb the water and stay hydrated. Also, there is less evaporation taking place in the morning so your plants can absorb the most amount of water. It’s usually fine to water around midday during the cool months however.

2) Indoor or Outdoor Tomatoes?
If you are growing tomatoes indoors, then you will only have to water your tomatoes every third or fourth day as the soil remains most for a longer period of time. If you are growing tomatoes outside, then you will need to follow the information that I provide under "temperature". If your home is very warm inside however, then you may need to be watering your tomato plants more often. Also, keep your tomatoes in a place that has enough sunshine if you are planting tomato plants inside.

Whether you are growing tomatoes in containers or outside, when you are watering tomato plants you should soak the soil thoroughly. If in a container, then water until the water starts to seep out the drainage holes at the bottom of the container. If in a normal container, then add, as much water as you think is required to soak the ground right to the roots.

I hope that the information above helps you in making the rights choices as to watering tomato plants. The tips above are ones that I use, and they work quite well most of the time. However, there may be a few things that you need to do differently when watering tomato plants, depending on your climate. How often do you water you tomatoes? What time of day do you water them? Feel free to share your tips in the comments section and I’m looking forward to learning what YOU do.

Organic Tomato Gardening-3 Three Things You Must Know

If you are considering organic tomato gardening, then this article may just have the information that you need! Whether you are new to gardening or are an old timer who wants to conserve the environment, organic tomato gardening is a simple way of providing healthy and nutritious tomatoes right from your own back yard! In this article, I will provide you with three things you need to consider before starting organic tomato gardening.

1) Indoors or outdoors:
You have two choices when doing organic tomato gardening, and those are having your tomato plants inside or having them outdoors. I will quickly go over the pros and cons of each option, and allow you to decide on which method to use.

Indoor organic tomato gardening will mean that you need to plant your tomatoes in a container. This will limit the space that you have. The biggest advantage of this option however, is that you will be able to easily add compost to the soil and its not hard work to maintain.

Outdoor gardening gives you the option of growing many tomato plants at a time. This is sometimes better as there is a higher chance that at least one of your trees will grow healthy and produce great tomatoes. It is however, harder to maintain and control so you must have quite a bit of time to devote towards your garden.

2) Type of tomatoes:
When you are doing organic tomato gardening you can quite easily grow either cherry tomatoes or large tomatoes. Both of them will grow healthy and be nutrient packed, as you will be using natural and healthy soil. Whichever type of tomato you choose to grow can be made according to what you want to do with the tomatoes. Generally, growing cherry tomatoes adds a nice color to your garden, while the organic tomato gardening of larger tomatoes will provide you with fruit (you did know that tomatoes are considered as fruits and not veggies?) that can be used in the kitchen.

3) Budget:
Your budget will play a large role on your organic tomato gardening endeavors, so you will need to plan wisely so as to make the most of it. Now, unless you are planning on spending a wheelbarrow full of cash you cannot just rush out and buy everything that even mentions tomato gardening on it! The most important investment that you will make will be in buy organic tomato seeds. This is usually a once of investment however, as you can use the seeds of the tomatoes that you grow. You can even make your own compost from home (a much cheaper idea if you are doing organic tomato gardening).

The three things that I have outlined above should be given some thought if you are going to start organic tomato gardening. I feel that this method of growing your own veggies is great as you can have fun, save money and also save the environment. What Do You Think About Organic Tomato Gardening, Have You Tried It?

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